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Prospective homebuyers are becoming increasingly particular when it comes to making that significant purchase.

And in a challenging property market, sellers are looking for the most cost-effective and efficient way of selling their home, from a simple lick of paint to a complete overhaul of their kerb appeal.

Mark Readings, Founder of online estate agency, House Network, carried out extensive research into the ways in which buyers are often put off when first viewing a property, in a bid to help his customers maximise the selling potential.

The findings from a survey put together by House Network concluded that the smell of a property can give people a negative first impression, with 78% of buyers saying it would put them off buying a property.

Mark says: “We want to ensure that we are always helping our customers maximise sale opportunities. We have found that small improvements can really help give a positive first impression and the smell of a property is one of the first things a buyer comments on, it indicates whether a property has been well looked after.”

The research also revealed that different parts of the UK favoured different scents.

The South East region preferred scents that complimented the beautiful countryside surroundings, choosing natural floral scents with ingredients such as; Rose and Geranium. This bursting floral scent was also favoured in Wales, but the home buyers in Northern and Greater London regions opted for an energising scent, made up of Lime and Lemongrass.

Eileen Holford, Founder of Wild Planet, an expert on scents commented: “Aromas with zesty citrus ingredients tend to work better in colder, fresher regions, like Greater London. This, however, differs hugely in areas which are warmer and more remote, these regions are drawn to stronger, more ambient floral scents like Rose Blush. Sellers should always remember that smell is one of our strongest senses and the one which will often provoke a strong ‘like’ or potential ‘dislike’ response.”

Overall the scent which was voted the best by the largest number of home buyers was Wild Planet’s best selling, Limelight, consisting of 100% natural essential oils with ingredients such as; Lime, Lemongrass and Bergamot – a truly refreshing and clean scent.

The findings from our recent survey and the research conducted this year has provided strong results that we intend on delivering to our customers. We are thrilled that we are able to partner with Wild Planet in welcoming all of our new customers with unique diffusers.” – Mark concluded.


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