Would you confront a burglar?

New research by online security retailer, safe.co.uk, has revealed that when it comes to the UK attitude towards burglary, around a third would physically defend their homes without hesitation.

The research unearths the true extent of the emotional impact of burglary, with 48% feeling unsafe in their own home and 25% fearful it will happen again.

Sleepless nights plague 38% of burglary victims and 18% admit their mental wellbeing was negatively affected.

With 31% of Brits willing to use physical force against a burglar, the following list reveals the UK cities where homeowners are most likely to attempt to attack unwanted intruders:

1. Sheffield – 40 per cent
2. Glasgow – 37 per cent
3. Cardiff – 35 per cent
4. Edinburgh – 34 per cent
5. Nottingham – 32 per cent
6. Belfast – 32 per cent
7. Manchester/Liverpool/Southampton – 30 per cent
8. Newcastle/London – 29 per cent
9. Birmingham – 28 per cent
10. Leeds/Norwich – 26 per cent
11. Bristol – 24 per cent

A total of 44% of the men polled said they would use physical violence against a burglar, with 18% of women saying they would tackle a burglar.

33% admit they’d try to make noise to scare the burglar away while only 13% would try and get out of the house. 24% would hide in the house and call the police. As far as self-defence goes, 12% of Brits admit to keeping a weapon in the form of a knife or air rifle in their bedroom. 21% of Brits keep household items such as golf clubs, brooms or heavy ornaments in the bedroom to use against intruders.

Anthony Neary, managing director for safe.co.uk, commented: “It can be a constant battle to encourage homeowners to take home security seriously. After discovering that a high proportion of Brits would be prepared to attack a burglar in their home, we’ve launched our new online community hub to provide people with a place to easily access security tips – without having to resort to extreme measures that could put themselves in danger.”

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